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Cm error while updating java lang nullpointerexception

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Upgrade Task_Build6045Upgrade(Upgrade at com.upgrade. Upgrade Manager Upgrade Task Success(Upgrade Manager at com.upgrade.

Upgrade Manager Upgrade Tasks(Upgrade Manager at com.upgrade.

I am using Windows 7-64bit and look like same error getting in Ubuntu also This issue also reported in Android Issues, but still not solution Event Dispatch Events(Event Dispatch at

Invocation Event.dispatch(Invocation at Event Queue.dispatch Event Impl(Event at Event Dispatch Events For Filter(Event Dispatch at

Upgrade Manager Impl] Exception thrown during upgrade: Cached Field Config Scheme Config Schemes For Custom Field(Cached Field Config Scheme at com.issue.fields.config.manager.

What this means is that your get Task method is expecting something that is not a null, but you are passing a null.

Figure out what get Task needs and pass what it wants!

Upgrade Manager Upgrade(Upgrade Manager at com.upgrade.

Upgrade Manager Upgrade If Needed(Upgrade Manager at com.upgrade.