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In 2013 CNBC reported that medical debt was the leading cause of bankruptcy.

Things haven’t exactly improved in the years since.

The Acts relating to any subject of importance or difficulty will be found to be scattered over many years, and through the operation of clauses partially repealing or amending former Acts, the final sense of the legislature becomes enveloped in unintelligible or contradictory expressions.

Where opportunity offers, the law thus expressed in many statutes is sometimes recast in a single statute, called a consolidation Act.

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Like any other debt consolidation method, there are pluses and minuses - costs and benefits which you need to understand.

To consolidate (Latin consolidare, from con-, together, and solidus, firm) is to press compactly together, put on a firm basis, and especially bring together into one strong whole.

The practice of legislating for small portions of a subject only at a time, which is characteristic of the English parliament, produces as a necessary consequence great confusion in the statute law.

That means standard credit penalties for collection accounts still apply: More than 14 million Americans have credit problems that stem from unpaid medical bills and collections.

If you have unpaid medical bills that turned into collection accounts, here is what you need to know about the best ways to eliminate the debt. There are several ways that you can consolidate these debts with other unsecured debts that you need to pay: It’s important to note that medical debt does not have any interest rate applied to it.