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She peeped inside and saw her old neighbor sitting in the tub.

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Is this the only "Southern Charm" thread we have right now on DL?? It's so fun watching people make so many bad decisions. He also should not have made those remarks to Landon. I am pro-pot legalization but sadly, Shep reminds me of someone who smoked pot all through high school and is now emotionally stunted at age 14. Never understood why people give Kathryn such a pass.

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Dating a vintage sewing machine can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style, use the list below to check its age from its serial number if the serial number does not include letters.Doesn't matter that they are being raised by a stranger/nanny that Tom hired and not by him. No one would ever think entering a church on Easter Sunday barefooted was a reasonable proposition. Oy.[quote] But that hypocrisy and double-standard going on there is just plain wrong. I think everyone agrees that neither is fit to be a parent. As a matter of fact, his disgust at faux upper middle class Landon's words re: billionaires made him seem less snobby than she. He pisses people off, and is imo, passive aggressive at times.No doubt at all that an emotionally immature mother is a terrible mother, so I'm not implying Katherine should have custody and raise her two kids. Thank god those kids have him because Kathryn is a lost cause Forget the use of drugs and alcohol, what on earth would cause Katherine to show up at the Hugenot Church for Saint's baptism BAREFOOT?? But he's a snob and a fame whore I agree that little Saint looks a bit "tetched" as we say down south, but I think Kensie seems to have come out without damage.But there's a real double-standard going on there when Tom drinks throughout the show (and probably uses drugs too) yet the kids are with him. I was a druggie myself at one time, but I knew how to present myself as normal when the occasion called for such. No double standard.[quote] Shep is different from Landon and Craig because he has a trust fund and his parents are wealthy. Shep has always claimed that yeah, he may be a bum and not have a career but he has money. Also, I am not feeling that snobbery you guys are calling out Shep for.If you have the manual and attachments, your price increases to approx 0.00. I have all the attachments, it runs great and is in a beautiful maple cabinet.