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Another designer, John Broad, modeled salt-glaze stoneware and terracotta figurines of royalty, military men, and classical-style maidens.

In the early 1900s, he produced figurines honoring current events such as the Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, and Admiral Horatio Nelson’s centennial.

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When John Doulton partnered with John Watts in 1820 and changed the name to Doulton & Watts, the company added utilitarian housewares and alcohol flasks, as well as busts and heads of popular characters, whistles with dog heads, and banks shaped like houses. Porcellane Danesi Statuine, vasi, stoviglie, piatti naalizi e da collezione, dipinti, argenteria, bicchieri e molto altro ancora PORCELLANE CERAMICA ARGENTO ANTICO FIGURA FIGURINA ROYAL COPENHAGEN SERVIZIO GABBIANO VETRO PITTORE MAIOLICA DINAMARCA CERAMICA LAMPADA DANESE ORELOGIO GIOIELLO ORNAMENTO PIATTO DI NATALE COPENHAGHEN GIOCATTOLO RAME OTTONE STAGNO BRONZO.Attualmente il nostro Shop Online e`solo in lingua tedesca.At the Lambeth stoneware studio, Tinworth also produced series of portly kids playing and anthropomorphic animals in high-fired salt-glaze stoneware.He made at least 40 different five-inch-tall stoneware figurines of boys playing music, called Merry Musicians.Den mler ca 71 x 50 cm og vejer ca 33 kg selv om den er hul inden i.