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4.6 ASIC submitted that, as the financial services regulator, it has a responsibility to administer the Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensing regime and 'monitor financial services business to ensure that they operate efficiently, honestly and fairly.'[2] 4.7 ASIC noted its role as a primary law enforcement agency in the fight against financial crime, through its regulation of Australian companies, financial markets, financial services organisations and professionals.

ASIC submitted that combatting financial crime was a key part of its role as a regulator: Given that financial markets and large pools of savings will attract those with criminal intent, combatting financial crime is a key part of our remit.

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After trying out many scams, I noticed that they all share some similar things which are: Sign #1 – Scams will ALWAYS ask you to pay first in order for you to earn.

Seriously, if those gurus really want to help us, they should only ask us to pay AFTER we start earning am I right?

The scams are sent via fake emails, similar to the 'phishing' attacks used to trick people into revealing banking details - but instead are used to harvest money and information from online gaming accounts.

Simon Ellson, Internet Security Expert from Norton, says, 'Phishing is widespread - 86% of phishing attacks specifically target the financial sector, but another 13% target information services.