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From 'you had me at hello' to 'Cinderf***in'rella', Hollywood has delighted us over the years with cheesy "romantic" one-liners – both awful and excellent in equal measure – which we've rounded up here to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day.Single or taken, don't pretend you don't like any of these ...

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“But what we wanted was something more permanent than a mixer, and more fun than a marriage bureau,” a member of the group recalls. The group is working on a timeline that will link back to their blog posts and provide a distributed history of online dating as their final project.The leading ladies of The Holiday did that and ended up with guys as “insanely good-looking” as Jude Law and as charming and funny as Jack Black. Sometimes the internet doesn’t lead to meeting creepers or serial killers.If you’re Cameron Diaz, you’ll totally meet Jude Law. License to Wed (2007) This one doesn’t use the internet as a way to bring people together.Besides the fact that you might identify yourself with the movie characters from these movies and with their stories, watching long distance relationship movies can make a difference in your relationship too – you’ll get to see that you’re not alone loving your partner from distance, you’ll get to learn how other couples survived the distance, how they communicated, what problems they went through and how they solved them.What I’ve noticed lately is that some of the most beautiful and romantic love stories are long distance love stories, because they are so much more emotional and so much more dramatic, that they touch a chord in us and make us appreciate them more.Read on and relive your favorite moments from this list of rom-com films that feature technology. Desk Set (1957) A Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy classic, the movie features the head of a TV network research department and a recently hired efficiency expert who fall in love while grappling with clashing interests: the desire to modernize and techno-phobia. Their ideal woman came to life, taught them how to be dateable and took what was initially a creepy use of technology and turned it into a victory for misfit nerds everywhere. Rivals away from the computer screen, characters Joe and Kathleen (Tom Hanksand Meg Ryan) unknowingly fall in love with each other via an email relationship and humorously deal with a number of common online dating issues. Yeah, it’s kinda like going online to buy a pair of pants except there’s going to be a guy in them.” Recently divorced, Diane Lane’s character gets signed up for an online dating site and after a few disastrous dates including a crier and a guy with a toupee, she finally meets the man of her dreams—a man who does not own but loves dogs anyway. The Holiday (2006) What do you do when your love life has suddenly fallen apart?