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We are also working on the official texture pack for this Mod so keep a look out for that resolution) Download 16bit Textures: Sim Craft Client Textures 16bit *not recommended but availabe by request (temp) Download 64bit Textures: Sim Craft Client Textures 64bit Download 128bit Textures: Sim Craft Client Textures 128bit Download 256bit Textures: Sim Craft Client Textures 256bit You can also download and use the Stand Alone Client Installer found here Feel free to join us on the Sim Craft Survival Server and lets see if you can become one of the richest and most creative person on the server information regarding the server can be found at this link: Here This is currently one of the biggest mods you will be able to download and use, the list of what this mod adds is basically endless, but don't take my word for it download the mod and see for yourself, if you do like it, take the time and say at least thanks on here, took us years to develop this would take you 5 seconds to say thanks and I would really appreciate just a simply thanks on here.

Alternately, you can set up your own little Soap Opera, or recreate your favorite fictional characters, or even just play normally. The two sequels also have a number of "Stuff Packs" associated with them; these only provide new objects as opposed to gameplay functions.

Despite the fact that every version bore the same title, these console versions were heavily modified to suit the limitations of their respective platforms.

The PC version of is not only the first version released, but also the only one which enjoys access to free downloadable content, fan-made mods, and the record-setting seventeen expansion packs that have followed.

Jobs, which traditionally simply removed sims from play for a number of hours, have been spiced up with the addition of "chance cards" which describe a work-related dilemma and allow the player to choose how the character should react.

Players are in charge of the lives of everyone in a neighborhood, though you can only play one household at a time.