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Updating a file randevu

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(look-up tables for internal use which I do not want to export) and only want to worry about updating individual objects. As an aside, am I right in assuming that a new environment created in the scope of a function is destroyed after the function call?

I haven't managed to work out if there is a standard way to do this, so created my own function.

Is there a way to change the date when a file was modified/created (which is shown in Nautilus or with the ls -l command)?

Ideally I am looking for a command which can change the date/time stamps of a whole bunch of files to a certain amount of time earlier or later (e.g. associated with files, but it tracks when the file metadata was last changed.

If the file never has its permissions changed, it might happen to hold the creation time, but this is a coincidence.

Explicitly changing the file modification time counts as a metadata change, so will also have the side effect of updating the as a metadata change time is from POSIX.

To update your product, simply open up its edit page on your login screen.

You cannot compel your customers to pay for this updated version of the file - in order to do this, you would have to create an entirely new product. If you'd like to email them later from your Updates tab, you can choose to do so.

You can stylize or customize the text of the message you send out through the Updates tab, but not from the Edit page.

If FILE is a symbolic link, the reference timestamp is taken from the target of the symlink, unless `-h' was also in effect. Maybe, this is an easy task, but I didn't find any simple way to do it. In a modern OS, lots of files are getting modified behind the scenes all the time.

I modified a script I found here, which originally was used to modify the date by minus one month. While your date is changed, many other files could get wrong date stamps on them and anything can happen when something else in the system notices that a file is older than expected.