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André picked him up out of the crowd and put him back behind the barricade.
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Who is dating on american idol

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finalists are said to be a "cozy couple" after spending much of their time together during the competition's rehearsals and live shows."Most of their downtime is spent together and they have a very touchy-feely relationship," a source told judges used their only save to allow him to remain on the show following the announcement that he had received the fewest amount of votes.

Based on the number of results a Google search returns for “dating an idol,” we can only assume that more than a few people have a bubbly singer or two in their sights.Also, if things don't work out with 2 of those 3 ...we're told Keith Urban is an 'Idol' vet who could slide in as an alternate. There's no celebration of the skills, is there an american idol for guitar players? They are industry created but also industry pumped and primed for weeks, with the idol show nothing more than a glorified infomercial for the future product. Sad [email protected] If one takes an honest effort to look passed the surface of things like "idol", they'll find a whole lotta' nuthin' It's undeniable that things like this "taint" culture in general, aside from being a detriment to music. This week, the Top 8 Guys and Girls strut their stuff and once again the guy talent completely blew the girl talent out of the water. But Scott looks more like a Catholic Priest than an American Idol. His name is An WAR and he is wearing a camouflage jacket. Will he extol the virtues of the Bush Administration at the end of the song?